Strategic Human Resources

Our Corporate Resources and HR team provide our clients advice in corporate restructuring exercises, executive search and placement services, performance management systems and incorporation to design, implement and normalize corporate efficiency improvements.


Executive Search

We find the best possible professionals who are seriously interested in making positive contributions to the success of your business. We concentrate on the key areas of a successful executive search such as Identifying outstanding talents, Evaluating the professionals to guarantee positive matches and Convincing the right candidate of the superior value of the opportunity.

Career Change Tools

Career Services

  • Post Resume – Free matching service.
    Post your resume here if you would like to be notified when there are relevant vacancies or opportunities that match your profile.
  • Resume Enhancement – A service to help ensure you have a good instrument to market yourself to would be employers – SGD$250 . Fill up the questionnaire and submit.
  • Profile Skills Match to people and opportunities in specific areas:Find out what opportunities there may be out there for people with your profile: Match skill-sets, job titles who desire to be in certain type of companies in particular countries.

Job Matching

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Corporate Re-Structuring

We listen, digest, and provide tools and ideas to support change with fresh approaches. We assist companies by helping to shape their organisation structure gap analysis and right sizing to adapt to business changes.

From positioning companies for growth through to supporting organisations in turbulence we work with CxOs in strategy development and deployment.