Executive Search

CXO Placement, Headhunting, Executive Coaching, Performance Management and Opportunities Matching for job seekers.

Corporate Training

B2B Professional Sales teaches salespeople the 15 skills they need to have to be successful in today's competitive B2B sales environment...  

Mergers, Acquisitions and Capital Funding

Deal Management, Bridging sellers, investors and capital markets. Organizing funding via investment banks in New York, London, Houston and Boston.

Consulting and Project Management

Organizational Strategy, Tender Strategy, Bidding, Project Management, Integration and Sustainable Change Management.

How can we help you ?

Petrosearch has expertise managing organisations in multiple sectors globally. Petrosearch is adept in supporting global MNCs & SMEs implement growth strategies in ASEAN & Australasia Pacific. Petrosearch LISTENS, ENGAGES, STRATEGISES & RESOURCES. From setting up entities and structures through to FINDING the RIGHT PEOPLE to implement, monitor, manage performance and deliver results to  grow your business, Petrosearch partners you all the way. Performance you can measure.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to excellence and understand the importance of adding significant value to your business.